Our Story

Every Day is an Opportunity

Influenced by our roots in New York and Los Angeles, Jack Stegeman mixes East Coast grind with West Coast flair. We find inspiration in simplicity, creativity, improvement, and individuals that push us forward as a society by pursuing their dreams and passions. Our high expectations are reflected in everything we do and the products we make. We don’t settle for less, and we don’t think our customers should either.

The Goods

Quality & Craftsmanship

With a blend of Italian acetates, German engineered hinges, and fully protective polarized lenses, we’ve focused our efforts on creating something to be proud of. At Jack Stegeman, we're committed to cultivating top-quality products for those who enjoy the finer things.

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The Protection

JS Signature Coverage

We know the anguish of damaging or losing your favorite things. That’s why all of our styles come with our elite JS Signature Coverage at no additional cost. No shipping fees, repair/replacement costs, or registration hoops to jump through.

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Our Team

Independent, Family Owned, & Quality Focused

Family Owned,
& Quality Focused

Too often, we’ve heard the story of money spent on nice sunglasses that end up lost or destroyed. We believe that quality products should be about more than just the product itself – it should also be about the ownership experience. Jack Stegeman began when we saw an opportunity to right these wrongs by creating better handcrafted eyewear but by also providing a better overall experience. Our ‘JS Signature Coverage’ is the best warranty in the industry, so you can spend less time sweating the small stuff and more time pursuing the things that really matter in your life. After many years of meticulously designing our products for superior quality, Jack Stegeman launched in 2020 and set out to raise the bar on what it means to own nice sunglasses.

Wade Feehan, Co-Founder/COO   |   Chase Feehan, Co-Founder/CEO

Wade Feehan, Co-Founder/COO
Chase Feehan, Co-Founder/CEO

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